MY LONDON ADVENTURE 1/10 - Greeting the City

It's a cool Monday morning in June as I'm writing this. I'm sitting in the coffee shop I work at in the middle of New Jersey, sipping a tea and reminiscing about what I was up to a half a year ago and thousands of miles away. Millennial culture dictates that I should have posted every single one of these photos the day they were taken, but obviously I didn't follow protocol on that one. Instead, I've taken time to sit and process this life changing experience, and now that I'm revisiting and remembering, I'm ready to share it all with the world. Come on this journey all over again with me, won't you?

My first few weeks living in London were a lot of things all at once. Overwhelming, exhausting, eye opening, life changing, and all a blur, the time I spent getting to know my favorite city in a totally different way proved to me one thing-- that I was being thrown into the most exciting adventure of my life, and I should soak up every single moment so that I wouldn't be caught off guard when it ended. 

From my first night in London, exhausted, jet lagged, and off the plane not even a few hours, I was exploring. The tiny and quiet corners as well as the grand and expansive views captivated me, and I was in love with this dream of a city, just as I was sure I would be. Here are my memories from those crazy first few weeks.